Atlanta Moving Company Three Most Common Packing Errors

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When preparing for moving it is important to use the good techniques and the correct boxes to help your move goes smoothly. Many moving customers make the miscue of using the incorrect materials for the specific things they are boxing leading to a poor result. The three most seen packing problems seen by this Atlanta moving company are:

1.) When packing fragile items not packing them a purpose built container known as the "dish pack"or "5.2 cubic foot double walled box". Moving customers spend allot of time and energy to prepare each item very carefully and then use the wrong container and then the time and effort to protect those fragile items is wasted. Talk to a Atlanta moving company and they will tell you protect your breakables in a dish pack it one of the best things you can do to protect your fragile items during your move.

2.) Customers use to large a box for heavy items. As the items that you are packing for moving day get heavier the box should get smaller. Books (which are heavy for the amount of space they take up) should be packed in the smallest standard of the moving boxes the "1.5 cubic foot box"or "small box" or "book box". By using a smaller box the Atlanta moving company who is hired to move you will be able to stack your boxes properly on a moving dolly and load correctly onto the moving truck. If on the other hand you use a large or even extra large box to pack books you will wind up with a box that is too heavy to be moved and when your movers attempt to pick up that box it fall apart and completely loose it shape. Do your self a favor and don't try to use really large boxes to pack heavy items or you will find your move will not go smoothly.

3.) Moving customers not properly taped packed containers. Quite often customers make the mistake of not securing the box tops or using the wrong kind of adhesive to seal the top and or bottom of the container. If you use the incorrect tape to tape the top and bottom of the containers as soon as the Atlanta movers pick up the containers they will likely come apart. Duck tape, masking tape, scotch tape should not be used to seal your boxes. When purchasing tape for your move ask for packing tape it will hold your boxes shut and belongings in.

Packing containers is important step in preparing for your move...don't overlook it or it will foil all other efforts of your movers.

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Atlanta Moving Company Three Most Common Packing Errors

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This article was published on 2010/11/20