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The process of moving from one place to another is arduous and emotionally wrenching. Shifting from the place where you reside and going to a completely new location to settle down once again is difficult. This course of action requires a certain procedure and proper planning. If you are a calm person by nature and want things to go in a smooth way, then, here are some tips for a smooth moving trip.

Although you can always contact a moving company to shift your things to the new accommodation, somehow working yourself into the plan of moving is much more reliable and advised. First, you have to decide when you have to move out. When the day has been decided, start packing your things a week or before slowly and gradually so that at the last day, you do not have to rush around packing things.

While packing things make sure to pack the fragile items carefully in order to avoid damage. Pack them in thick layers of newspaper or brown paper, whatever is available, and place memory marks on the items for convenience while shifting and so that you remember which package contains what. Assign all the packed stuff to a different room so that house does not give you feeling that it is about to be vacant.

Divide the tasks among the family members. Assign each room to one family member or relative. Organization is the most important element. When you are done with the packing make a list of all the items you have packed then check each item on the list and mark it. Packing is the most tedious job and should not be postponed to the last day.

While you are moving, the most important problem that comes in your way is that you come across a lot of unwanted stuff that you want to dispose of before moving on. After sorting out and categorising the items, there are two ways through which you can dispose of these items, either by organizing a garage sale or by selling online.

If you are interested in a traditional garage sale, put up posters in the neighborhood and advertise as much as possible. If you do not want unnecessary people entering your territory or you do not want to go through the hassle of holding as garage sale, selling online is the next best option. Many websites offer you the facility of selling online and your product is sure to sell like hot cakes.

After all this activity make sure you load the truck in such a manner that you have to make the least trips back. Strategically use the space of the truck, organize, and recheck. This will avoid any future trips to the old house and save your time and energy.

Last but not the least check with the authorities where you are moving and make sure to hand in the keys of your old house. For a few days, you will miss your house but eventually you will get used to it and blend in with society.

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Handy Moving Tips

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This article was published on 2010/03/31