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Most of us consider moving companies a blessing which helps us to relocate and we tend to trust these movers with almost all of our possessions, on which we spent uncountable money over the past years. Most of us arent even aware of moving company scams. Over the last many years, during which the moving industry gained heights, the moving industry seems to have become much more scam-ridden than many other industries.

Most moving companies present in this diverse market are completely legal and follow the rule book to a great extent; however a large number of these companies will try to trick you into paying a lot more money than you expected or in a few cases even more then you could afford. Transportation scratches on the belongings are a very bitter reality that cannot be even thought of avoiding. Moving are becoming a major stress factor and a very painful experience if you run into a moving company scam. The scams spark off with moving companies trying to beat each others by low biding to move your possessions for you. First and foremost rule of competitive market suggests that you are supposed to be taking advantage in most cases, but please avoid this golden rule in the moving industry. At least let the low bid not be your priority when choosing a moving company, because in the end you may get a double or triple than your estimated quote.

As competition is usually defined as a survival tactic in a market as it is benefiter to both customers and the companies, so lower prices have to be given by the companies in order to survive in the business. As the major competitors in the market raise the prices for moving which results in a fall in proportion in the customers using this service, which meant that it becomes more difficult to make a profit. Another basic understanding of regarding your valuables is that even if your actual weight exceeds the original written estimate, you still pay for only the amount of the estimated in the beginning of the contract. But if youre actual weight is below the estimated limits, then you would have to pay less than the amount of the estimate. A binding-not-to-exceed estimate contract can defiantly only help you get lower rates.

A major to be considered risk involved to the costumer is that the moving company can easily over quote the estimations in order to get extra money for weight that you never owned. On the other hand there also a large percentage of risk for the moving business is that the costumer could always move those items that are illegal or were hidden and not included at the time of original conduct of estimation. However when examined critically the risk to the company is almost minimal, because the truck driver has the right to challenge the binding estimate on loading day, before actually loading, if he thinks that the estimate is too low. The easiest solution to avoid such scam is to everything you own with an intention of starting over.
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Moving Company Scams

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This article was published on 2011/01/26