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The summer months are, by far, the most popular times for moving.  Kids are out of school, which means families want to get where they are going and get comfortable before the school year starts again.  Because it's such a popular time to move, there are a lot of tasks that may be harder to deal with than any other time of year, so it's a great idea to get all of your ducks in a row well before your moving date arrives.  If you start a checklist early, you will find that moving isn't nearly as stressful as it could be.


Your biggest task will certainly be packing your home, but you need to know that you have some way to get all of your belongings from your old house to your new one.  Houston movers are always prepared to help you with this, but you must be sure to give ample notice before moving.  In busy times like the summer, it is advisable to give at least six weeks of notice.  There is a good chance that you won't get your chosen moving date with your favorite moving company if you wait any longer than that, especially if you hope to move on a weekend.  Remember, too, that many Houston movers charge higher prices for weekend work, so you will need to build that into your budget.


Make sure to add schools to your list of things to do, as well.  It's a great idea to check out the schools before the year starts and meet some of the teachers that will work with your children.  This is also the case for any colleges or universities in the area, if higher learning is needed.  In addition to checking out the schools, you will also need to add utilities to your list.  Cable, phone, gas, water, and electricity will all need to be turned on before you get to your new home so that you won't need to live without.


You should also make a list of the places that need to change your address for their records.  If you receive anything by mail on a regular basis, such as DVDs from Netflix, you should change the address a few days before your move.  Remember to change your address with credit card companies, banks, and insurance companies, as well as with your local post office.  Almost everything can be done online, and that makes it easy to put everything off until the last minute.  If it's on your list, you won't forget.

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Moving During Summer

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This article was published on 2011/05/10