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Packing is perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming factor of moving. For larger households with multiple rooms, it may take some time to properly package and box fragile items, and then create a system to identify which box belongs to each room. Ideally, the homeowner should begin packing up to three months before making the move. In these instances, the boxes can be packed as needed, and then organized for transport.

Moving and shipping companies offer pricing to transport a homeowner's belongings based on the number of boxes. Each company offers a variety of services from packing and loading a moving truck, to transportation and storage. Having an inventory of the move ahead of time can make pricing more accurate and eliminate the risk of not having enough storage space for everything in the home. Some companies also offer portable storage as an alternative to transporting large furniture and other various household items via truck.

Instead, the homeowner can schedule a portable storage unit to arrive at the home on moving day. Once the storage container has been filled, the shipping or moving company will retrieve the unit, and transport it to the homeowner's new residence; this option is best for long-distance moving. In fact, many homeowner's who do not want to drive a long-distance to relocate will dispatch a shipping container for their vehicle, and travel via airplane to their new residence. Portable storage units eliminate the cost of renting a moving truck and paying for gas, since this cost is added into the price of the unit.

There are a lot of costs involved with moving, and comprehensive research of different moving companies, and price packages they offer can save some of the costs. Rental truck companies offer free boxes and moving materials with the price of renting a moving truck. This is especially attractive for homeowner's who have chosen to personally move their belongings to their new home. There are other moving companies that do not rent moving trucks, but their services include packing, shipping and unpacking the entire home at the new residence. Although this can be more expensive because there is the added cost of labor, there are some attractive pricing options that will make the process much easier, especially if the homeowner only has to write a check to have these things done. While many of these options are affordable, it is best to do some research ahead of time to account for any issues in scheduling and pricing.

Moving can be so complicated and stressful that many people choose to sell their belongings in lieu of attempting to move everything from one house to another. However, doing some research at least three months before moving day can eliminate some of the hassle of packing the home to relocate.
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Moving - Plan Ahead

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This article was published on 2010/12/29