Reducing the Headache of Moving House

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Moving house tends to be a stressful even for most people. Emotions are often heightened by the idea of change, and moving typically accompanies other stressful (even if ultimately rewarding) events: buying a new house, starting a new job, starting school, marriage, new babies. Having a solid plan is the key to avoiding moving nightmares.

It is best to start preparing for a move as early as possible. Often a move can come somewhat unexpectedly, but if there is ample time it ought to be taken as an advantage. If the move is occurring in summertime then winter clothing, decorations and accessories can be packed away well in advance. Likewise for summer items in winter.

Moving house can be seen as an opportunity to clean up and start fresh. Most people have a number of items that they no longer use, and useless items will only make for unnecessary hassle while packing and moving. All items should be looked through and organized based on whether they out to be kept, thrown out, donated or sold. Donation items can go to family, friends, charities, nursing homes, schools, etc. Items can be sold via a yard or tag sale, flea market or on auction sites like eBay. It is best to do some research regarding the value of an item so as to get the best price.

When packing, fragile pieces should be stored carefully with a protective layer of bubble wrap or newspaper. Boxes should be labeled by the room in which they belong. This will cut down on confusion once the cargo safely reaches its new destination. If there is a large volume of boxes and furniture to be moved it may be prudent to hire a professional moving service. It can be difficult to pick the right mover, so it is advisable to seek recommendations from friends, coworkers, family or real estate agents.

The company should come by the house for a consultation. It is important that the representative be shown all the items that need moving. This includes everything in closets, the garage, the backyard, attic and basement. The goal is to end up with a list of three to four moving companies whose estimates will be compared. Any information regarding the moving companies as well as other information that is crucial to the move should be kept in brightly-colored folders that can be easily located.

Some things may go wrong while moving house, but one should always attempt to stay calm. Moving is only temporary situation and the rewards will likely far outweigh the headaches and stress.

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Reducing the Headache of Moving House

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This article was published on 2011/08/17