The Horror Of Moving Day

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It does not seem how organized an individual is when it comes to moving from one home to another it can be most distressing. It is a toss up whether doing the move yourself with some help from family and friends are better or is professional movers the answer.

There are pros and cons to both ways when it comes to moving day.

If you hire professional movers, you can actually have them come in and do all the packing for you. They supply the proper moving containers and wrapping supplies. This is not a cheap venture but it may well be worth the money if you find a good reputable moving company.

Having someone else to do your wrapping and moving certainly saves lots of work. The one major problem is though that the movers may not put the same emphasis on many of your important personal items as you would. Let us assume you had a beautiful tea set handed down from your grandmother. Naturally, this is priceless to you. To the movers however it may not hold the same value as the premise is with many of them is they are insured for damages so not to worry. What you could do in this case is pack your valuable items separately and take the responsibility for moving them yourself when it comes to moving day.

Some moving Companies mark the boxes as to the rooms that the items were packed. Then when they are unpacking, they will put the items in the appropriate rooms. There are Companies that do not do this however and it can be a disaster on moving day when it comes time to unloading. Most often, the movers just want to get the job done and get out of them. Boxes and furniture will end up wherever and you will end up ready to pull your hair out.

The same type of scenario can also be duplicated though with do it yourself moves. If you have not marked, the boxes correctly you are going to run into problems. Do yourself a favour and take the extra time to label as you pack.

Then of course, there is the horror when something gets lost in transit, particularly if it is a long haul move. As we mentioned most moving companies are insured and bonded, but that does not help much when it something lost that belongs to you.

If you have decided on using professional movers, check them out thoroughly before you commit to anything. Make sure they are reliable and they have the right date for the move. There have been stories where the movers have gotten the wrong date, so do not show up on moving day. There the individuals are stranded because the new owners are waiting to move it.

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The Horror Of Moving Day

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This article was published on 2010/03/31