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I'm a weirdo. Not really the type you see in TV hopping inside moving boxes in Calgary but I do have some weird actions. I think it can make the guy carrying commercial moving supplies asks what the heck is up to me.

I got plenty of weird mannerism, if I can call it like that, you can see in process almost everyday. For example, I will call up a moving supplies Calgary agency to help me move out from my two-week new occupied apartment. Why? I don't know, maybe because that moving agency has used moving boxes in Calgary which are on promo.

Sometime, I avail the services of these moving agencies just to compare their moving equipments. I know it sounds crazy and very illogical. My mom told me I got some issues but I think I just want to see something out of nothing. I mean maybe there's really something we don't know even if they are already in front our eyes.

I do have some minor weirdness in my head. For example, I know petroleum jelly is for skin dryness. It's good to see how this jelly acts as cheaper moisturizer. Where's the weirdness of mine? There it is, I put some relatively volume of jelly on my face for unknown reasons. It got hotter and my face turned into a ball.

There are times when my wife (yes, I have one) buys green tomatoes. What I do is get some four of those tomatoes and store them with ripen apples for couple of days. The tomatoes ripen faster than usual.

I also use my shaving foams to clean my mirrors. They are a big help to me, actually, especially during the winters when the heat of the room battles that cold season. My windows form on them fogs with hard to remove residues. Shaving foams treat them with ease.

When my son had boils, I used tomato paste to treat the infections. As a result, the pain significantly decreased and the boil's head showed on surface faster. Now that's one weird thing I did, medically.

Finally, I use vinegar and honey to treat tonsillitis. Maybe it's not tonsillitis after all. A sore throat, perhaps. I use ¼ vinegar and ¼ honey. I mix them together forming a mixture rather than a paste. I take two tablespoon every 4 hours for the whole day. Voila! Goodbye sore throats.

These are just my weird calculations, decisions, and medications. I heard some of them from other people and some are discovered and later confirmed by someone. It works though, so I think I'm still safe.

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This article was published on 2010/11/04